Urban Gardening Tips

A large, sun-drenched backyard may be the ideal place to plant a garden but for millions of people living in urban areas across the world a backyard, even a small one, just isn’t an option. Luckily, even a space as small as a fire escape can be used by anyone with a green thumb to plant a modest but tasty or aesthetically pleasing garden.

One of the best ways to take advantage of limited space is by container gardening. You can find plants and containers to fit almost any area. Also, with container gardening you can utilize your vertical space by building shelves and stacking your plants or hang containers from the ceiling. If one of your plants is infected with pests or disease you can isolate that container from the rest of the plants. As a result spider mite control, as well as pest treatment in general, is fairly easy.

When choosing your container you may want to consider a few guidelines. Plastic pots may deteriorate in UV light while wooden containers can rot. Glazed ceramic pots will need holes for drainage. If you are living in a warm climate you should use light-colored containers to help lessen heat absorption. Clay pots should be monitored for moisture loss since clay is porous and water may be lost from the sides of the container.

Rooftop Gardening is another option for city dwellers. One advantage of rooftop gardening is that it helps reduce energy costs. The greenery covering the roof will help reduce that roof’s temperature. Also, rooftop gardens retain rainwater and thus help to prevent flooding. If multiple people are gardening on a single roof this may also help build a sense of community among tenants.

Just because someone lives in the concrete jungle doesn’t mean they can’t have their own garden. With a little ingenuity and proper planning any space, like a roof or fire escape or even a closet, can be transformed into a thriving garden.

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