Strong and Beautiful: The Knock Out Rose

Knock Out Rose

There are countless varieties of roses available in every color, shape and size, but the Knock Out rose is fast becoming one of the most popular. Introduced in 1999 by breeder William Radler, this rose offers all the beauty of other varieties coupled with an amazing resilience and hardiness.

Knock Out Rose

The plants grow to about four feet high and three feet wide. Heavy pruning is not required, but they can be trimmed to tree form if you prefer. The original Knock Out, “Radrazz”, is a vivid cherry red, but a variety of colors are available including shades of pink and pale yellow. During the cooler spring months the blooms are bright and vibrant while summer heat brings a darker shade. The foliage is a dark purple color that transforms to a gorgeous burgundy upon fall’s arrival. The Knock Out also has one of the longest bloom cycles of any rose available, producing new blooms about every five weeks.

Roses are typically considered weak and difficult to grow, making them a challenge that some gardeners opt not to take on. What truly sets the Knock Out apart from other roses is the fact that it will grow practically anywhere it is planted and takes no special care in order to flourish. It is also the most disease resistant variety of rose available, standing up to rust, mildew and black spot. It is self-cleaning so deadheading is never necessary and the plant’s resistance to drought means that daily watering is not a requirement, even in very dry times.

It doesn’t matter if you live in an arid desert town or a humid coastal area, the Knock Out rose makes an excellent choice for any garden. With it’s beauty, resilience and easy care, this rose is sure to continue being popular with both experienced and novice rose gardeners.

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