Picking the Perfect Cut Roses

For birthdays, hostess gifts, or even Mother’s Day, one gift that will surely bring a smile is a bundle of fresh cut roses. The easiest way to order roses is to just call a florist and have them delivered, but that doesn’t really have the personal touch you may be looking for as memorable gift.

Of course you can pick roses right from your garden or at your local florist. But so many times, you can end up with roses that are in poor condition or die before they are ever opened. When you are looking at all those roses, how do you know which ones to choose?

First off, look for any brown spot on the petals. That is a sure sign that the rose is damaged and old.

After you check for brown petals, look at the sepals. Those are the green leaves shaped like spears that wrap around the bottom bud of the rose. If they are still curled around the rosebud, there is still some life in that rose. If they have separated and are closer to the stem, then that rose has a limited time span.

Next, feel the base of the rose, near the stem and the sepals. If the bud is very loose, or squishy, the rose is not very fresh. Also, be cautious of a base that’s too hard. Then it’s possible that the rose will die before it ever blooms. Look for a base that’s firm with pedals that have just begun to open. That’s the rose that is most likely to bloom and last the longest.

But let’s not talk just about rose selection. Presentation is important for any gift. First, never send roses without a card. Read the card to make sure that it conveys your sentiments toward your loved one. Sending roses with another gift like chocolate, balloons, or jewelry is a nice touch.

If you like to send gift cards, add a personal note and roses for a more personal and thoughtful gift that shows you really care.

Follow these simple steps and you will pick the perfect rose every time to surprise your wife or mother with the perfect rose arrangement.

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