More on Planting Potted Roses

It used to be that Rosarians avoided adding potted roses to their property. But for many people who live in condos and apartments, things are changed. City people who have little garden space enjoy adding a few potted roses to their decks or patios.

However, not every rose does well growing in a pot. Some of the roses that work in pots are: All that Jazz, Bonica, Green Rose, Peace, Perfume Delight,and Valentine. Your local garden store may be able to suggest others that will work well in your area. But you can try any sort that you would like, even climbers, and may be surprised at the results after learning how to plant potted roses.

How Plant Potted Roses

It is pretty simple to plant potted roses, as long as you are careful to do your planting in the Spring after the threat of frost has been gone for a while. Holding off until July and August are past is best if you live in a place where it is warm most of the time since the heat could be too much for the roses to withstand.

  • Make sure that when it is time to plant, you have a container that is the correct size, and has holes to allow water to drain out. Be sure to pick a container that will let your rose grow.
  • Get you some soil from the garden, that also has an assortment of organic fertilizer or compost with it.
  • Prepare a hole that is bigger than the rootball, shake of the excess dirt, then plant the rose.
  • Dig a shallow moat or trench around the base of the rose that will hold water well.

There are diseases that both potted and garden roses can get very easily, and all roses have to be fed, watered, pruned and cared for no matter where they are planted. Although some people may think that a potted rose is easier to manage than a regular garden rose, it isn’t. Potted roses save space but still require maintenance. If you decide to treat your roses like any other potted plant, you will probably lose them.

The question about whether potted plants can be grown indoors is asked constantly. They can, but it is rather tricky since roses need lots of direct sunlight as well as very high humidity. Since most homes are air-conditioned, high humidity isn’t as much of a problem. If you do not have air conditioning and live in a region of high humidity, your roses will still need lots of sunshine.

Miniature roses may be the best choice for indoor pots. All miniature roses have been bred to grow into smaller plants with little flowers. They are extremely pretty and thrive in pots.

If you are up to the challenge of learning how to plant potted roses, give it a go. For all you know, it may be more suitable for you than a typical rose garden.

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