How To Build A Terrace Garden In Your Yard

beautiful terrace garden

If you want to have a garden but your yard (front or back) is a steep hill or slope, a terrace garden approach is the way to go. While it is a bit less straight forward than a garden in a flat space, the whole approach comes with a ton of interesting human history and can result in a lovely outcome. Let’s get into it.

What is a Terrace Garden?

Terrace gardens are the way to go when the steepness of the land may lead to erosion. Terracing helps prevent erosion by dividing steep areas into smaller level sub-sections where water is able to be evenly distributed without flowing fast and causing erosion.

Terrace gardens can be planted with a variety of flowering plants and vegetables, including both perennials and annuals.

Terrace Garden Design and Materials

The design you choose needs to suits your landscape and the degree of the slope of the land. The terraces can be built from many types of materials, although wood is most often used. In the case of wood, it is usually treated so it lasts well. It is also a good choice because it blends in well with the natural landscape. If you’re building a terraced vegetable garden, non-treated cedarwood is a better choice so as to avoid any chemicals that may leach into the soil. Many other materials can also be used such as bricks, concrete blocks, and rocks.

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