Does your dog like your yard

Having a dog can be rewarding, and there are other times when the kids forgot to pick up after them or they dig a hole under your new fence that you question why you ever got a dog.  But have you ever asked yourself, “does my dog like his yard”.

It is a simple question really but may come up with some difficult answers.  Does he have a place to dig?  Or is there a deeper reason to why he does dig?  Is your yard a place your dog sees as a playground or a detention yard?  Dogs do best when there have boundaries.  Your dog would much prefer to have a smaller portion of your yard that he can really enjoy then to have this excitingly curious whole world to explore that is filled with things he isn’t supposed to touch or go near and DEFINITELY isn’t suppose to pee on – LOL

Take a look at your yard today and ask yourself, “what could I do to make my yard enjoyable for my dog?”.  Then take some time, set some limits and set up some fun for you and your dog to enjoy your yard together!

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